Getting from an idea to a prototype is a daunting task. Allow us to assist you to achieve your product development goals.

Qwikfab has worked with companies and individuals alike to bring their ideas to reality. We listen, contribute and convert your ideas to CAD drawings, utilizing the latest collaborative design software technology.

Similar to an agile software development methodology, our design process is agile.

You can review your design as it happens and collaborate from anywhere in the world. You do not need to wait till we are done to have your views heard. We have delivered many complex designs within weeks due to this agile process.

Your projects are delivered

We designed and built a commercial grade 3D printer to provide our clients with high quality prints for the fraction of market rates.

Qwikfab, which began it’s journey in 2012, is a pioneer in Singapore for 3D printing. We designed our own industrial grade 3D printer so that we can offer cost effective prototyping and low volume production service to our clients.

Our in-house custom built 3D printer has the largest print capacity in it’s class. It has the build volume of up to 340 (W) x 300 (L) x 600 (H) mm and is powered by Fused Filament Fabrication technology. Our unique design of the printer head has enabled our printers to print a variety of materials which includes PLA, ABS, PETG, Elastomers and many other 3D printing filaments.

Aside from technology, we believe, you deserve a partner who is able to work with you, advice and identify issues before your design is printed. Qwikfab reviews all designs prior to disseminating them to our print queue, thus ensuring you do not pay for wasted 3D prints.

With Qwikfab, your 3D prints can be in

Retailing premium quality filaments to our clients since 2013.

Qwikfab works closely with manufacturers to achieve quality and high dimensional tolerances.

Unlike most filament retailers, we have a unique perspective of quality when it comes to filaments.  Poor filament quality, material and dimensional tolerances that is not refined for 3D printing, usually creates issues whilst printing.

We test our filaments under variable use cases to ensure that we are selling premium filament to our customers that can be used in all Fused Filament Fabrication printers.

We only sell materials that qualifies to be utilized in our own production environment.

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