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In 2012,  there were little or no place for people to fabricate their designs. Although there were manufacturers in Singapore, a substantial amount of quantities or a large upfront cost was required to allow designers to test their ideas in the real world application.

QwikFab, a pioneer in Singapore for 3D printing, was formed in year 2012 to create a environment where anyone can materialize their desire to bring their creations to the physical world. Our primary focus was and still is to reduce the cost of 3D printing and prototyping in Singapore for companies, innovators, designers and non-designers alike.

I have always been a creator.

Before QwikFab, there were times when I hack together parts to create unique value proposition products but could never bring it to the real world due to the outrageous startup costs. When I discovered about 3D printing, it excited me. Now, I create everyday; on screen and in reality.

3D printing is the cost effective solution for kick-start path to manufacturing either for prototyping or low volume production. This ideology has allowed us to help our clients create and grow without high upfront costs.

Steve K. K. | Founder

A few words about


After six months of research on the 3D printing industry, Qwikfab was founded by Steve K. K.  His vision was to enable everyone to have access to prototyping and allow localized production through 3D printing while maintain a low cost structure. Thus, Qwikfab was born on 6th September 2012.

On 11th July 2013, JS Strategy Pte. Ltd. registers Qwikfab as a trademark at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Trademark was successfully registered on December 24, 2013. 

In the 2013, Qwikfab launches it’s website. Qwikfab after months of research and finding the correct manufacturing partner, starts selling filaments. 

Qwikfab starts prototyping it’s 3D printer.

2014, was an eventful year as Qwikfab launches it’s large build platform 3D Printer.  Qwikfab forms partnership with Home-Fix.

Qwikfab starts to provide 3D printing services.

Qwikfab started providing design and consultation for projects.

Qwikfab strengthens it’s 3D design and 3D printing Services by forming a partnership with Home-fix’s XPC maker space.

Qwikfab rebrands to new logo.

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