Providing the best formulated and
highly compatible filaments
to our customers since 2013

3D Printing is with Qwikfab.

Qwikfab Filaments are used by Education Institutes, 3D Printing Companies, Research Institutes and Hobbists.

QwikFab, the trusted premium brand for 3D printer filaments in Singapore. Our filaments are used across different industries and in a variety of 3D printing machines. QwikFab Filaments was born out of necessity as there were many suppliers who had inconsistent 3D printing materials which made 3D printing a bane.  These included high print failure rates, and many other issues that could lead to 3D printer failures that would take days to recover.

We needed filaments that would work in a industrial setting where there was little or no tuning for each filament. We set our expectations high and set out to find manufacturers that would meet our rigorous standards. Since then our expectations have not ceased, we have worked with many manufacturers to improve the standards of our filament and continuously seek better manufacturers who would provide premium materials for our clients.

High Consistency

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Durable 3D Prints

Qwikfab PLA v2.0 filaments are made to last.

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